Tuesday, February 15, 2011

February Blog Challenge - Change

One of my Etsy teams has a monthly blog challenge. This month the topic is change. So I started thinking about my own attitude toward change.

Sometimes change is good like a new job when you aren't fulfilled in an old one, a new hairstyle or seasons changing. It's also good when we change our attitude toward something to a more positive or more accepting one. Sometimes change is hard. I do not like moving. I don't like cleaning out and packing up a house and I especially don't like leaving familiar places and old friends. However, sometimes moving turns out to be positive. It gives you a chance to meet new friends, face new challenges and experience new places.

I handle change in different ways depending on whether I am initiating the change or if it is forced on me. Of course I prefer the changes that I am initiating, but when change is forced on me I try to look at the good and the bad sides of it. I try to decipher what I can control and what I have to accept. Given time I usually realize that overall the change has turned out to be ok.

So I will close with a couple of pictures and a quote. The first picture I took in my garden last summer and the second I found on the internet.

Monarch Butterfly larva eating milkweed.

Mature Monarch

If nothing ever changed there'd be no butterflies - Author Unknown

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SToNZ said...

Wow! You took that caterpillar pic?! Very cool...
yeah, change is usually for the better, it's just rarely easy!

Anonymous said...

Very pretty pictures!
I'm seeing a theme in that we all like to have a bit of control over things. :)

Ann Hartley said...

Very nice post!!! And, a good thought when we are staring into the face of change!!!

novadesigns said...

That is so true. I do also like to be on control :o)