Thursday, October 23, 2008

Oh! To Live the Life of a Dog

Wouldn't we all like the life of a well cared-for dog? My little Bichon, Gigi, has it so "good". Every morning afte her breakfast she chews her bone for a few minutes then sacks out on her very posh bed. Her only care is that squirrel that likes to hang out outside her favorite window.

Her daily schedule follows:

6:00 am out of a piddle, then breakfast
chew bone, early morning nap
9:00 take a walk
mid-morning nap
12:00 sunbath on the deck
lunchtime nap
4:00 eat dinner
watch out window and bark at squirrels
6:00 start watching for Daddy to come home
jump all over Daddy when he comes home
take a walk
A few minutes of playtime
8:00 early evening nap
9:30 sleep on Mom and Dad's bed
10:00 into crate for the night

Don't we all envy her!!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

By the Light of the Moon

I love Moon Flowers. They are related to Morning Glories, but they open in the evening and stay open until morning. I have a very good crop this year.

They have a lovely scent and are huge flowers. Supposedly bats like to visit them at night for nectar. Although I have never witnessed it. That's ok.

This is my favorite chair, but the climbing rose has sort of taken over. I've been too busy making jewelry to tend to the yard.

The weather is cooler now so maybe I'll get out there soon.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

A Craft Attack Weekend

Last Saturday the Hornet's Nest Etsy Street Team sponsored a Craft Attack fair. We had so many talented vendors and nice attendance by the public. I had pretty good sales and met some really friendly buyers and sellers. Danielle Anthony took some fabulous pictures that can be seen on her blog. Link:

That's a good thing because I forgot my camera. The weather was beautiful although a little windy at times. I fixed my display problem and only had one necklace display that blew over, however, at the end of the day while I was taking a load to my car my tent blew over and broke. Since then I bought a new one that is even better.

Thanks to the team the first Craft Attack was a success. I will definitely do it again.