Tuesday, April 15, 2008


What an inspiration for us all! An acquaintance of mine has taken on the challenge of hiking 1000 miles on Smoky Mountain Trails during the next year to raise money for our local Girl Scout Council.

The inspiration is not only in this challenge alone, but also for those of us reaching those milestones of leaving our forties and of our children leaving home. Her goal is to raise $20,000 for the Hornet's Nest Girl Scout Council in Charlotte, NC.

Being a Girl Scout brings back fond memories from my younger days. I know I learned a lot about reaching goals and being independent because of my participation in scouts. The Girl Scouts continue to be an organization dedicated to teaching young girls about leadership and believing in themselves.

I have included a link to her blog so I can track her progress. I'm looking forward to reading the updates as she completes her trips. This is a great cause and I hope she reaches her goals. Anyone interested should visit her blog to learn more and consider contributing.


**An interesting note about the name Hornet's Nest. During Revolutionary times the people living in the area known today as Charlotte (Mecklenburg County) stirred up so much trouble as they fought against British rule that the area became known as a "hornet's nest".

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