Thursday, October 23, 2008

Oh! To Live the Life of a Dog

Wouldn't we all like the life of a well cared-for dog? My little Bichon, Gigi, has it so "good". Every morning afte her breakfast she chews her bone for a few minutes then sacks out on her very posh bed. Her only care is that squirrel that likes to hang out outside her favorite window.

Her daily schedule follows:

6:00 am out of a piddle, then breakfast
chew bone, early morning nap
9:00 take a walk
mid-morning nap
12:00 sunbath on the deck
lunchtime nap
4:00 eat dinner
watch out window and bark at squirrels
6:00 start watching for Daddy to come home
jump all over Daddy when he comes home
take a walk
A few minutes of playtime
8:00 early evening nap
9:30 sleep on Mom and Dad's bed
10:00 into crate for the night

Don't we all envy her!!!

1 comment:

BizzieLizzie said...

Oh, my goodness - so glad I stopped by! This is what my Lizzie wants SO stinking bad! LOL What a sweet tribute and YES - oh the life!! =0)