Thursday, January 20, 2011

Slowly Catching up with Technology

Goodbye Old Dinosaur Phone. May you rest in peace.

So this past year has been my year for technology. Last Christmas my husband gave me a Garmin. For a while I didn't really think I needed one, but it has come in very handy when I've been traveling out of town. This past fall he bought Nooks for both of us. My friends have had Kindles for a while and I thought I would never want an e-reader. I thought I would miss holding a book and turning the pages. Then I started thinking about all those books sitting on the bookshelf collecting dust and the time it takes to sort through them and haul them off to Goodwill or whatever. So I now have my Nook and I love it. The other night I finished my current book and I had nothing to read. I just went to the shop icon and started browsing all the options. I picked one, clicked on it and like magic it was downloaded onto my reader. No trips to the bookstore, nothing to store - and best of all when traveling it takes up very little space and weighs next to nothing.

My next technology upgrade came at Christmas. I have never had an Ipod or MP3 player. When I work out at the gym I usually watch whatever is on the TV. As I've been spending more time in my basement studio I realized having some music while I work would be nice, so I asked Santa for an Ipod and a docking station with speakers so I could have music while I work and "Santa Hubby" came through. I got a little time Nano and a docking station. I now have something to entertain me while I solder and hammer away. I've been taking my Nano to the gym,too, and I didn't realize how much it would help me stay on track while working out.

Look how cute!!

My final upgrade was a new phone. I think my current phone was about 4 or 5 years old maybe even older. I've been researching which type of phone to get next. I really didn't want a data plan, because I just don't need to surf the web and get e-mails remotely. Then, ATT decided to sell the Iphone 3G for $49. I just couldn't pass up such a deal. I am loving it. I can text easily now which was next to impossible on my old phone. I've gotten some really cool apps. Some were even free. The one I am using the most is the Livestrong app. I've been struggling with my weight more and more as I approach the big 5 0 and I hate counting calories. With this app, I put in my food everyday and it keeps up with my calories. I can also put in my fitness and those calories are subtracted. I set it up for how much weight I want to lose a week and it tells me how many calories a day I can eat. I am amazed at how quickly calories can add up. I think this is really going to help me with this battle. The other app I love - a free one - I love is the shopping list. I put in my grocery store list and just look at it while I'm shopping. No more writing on note paper and leaving it at home.

I think I'm all set for a while as far as technology is concerned but you never know.


jewelstreet said...

You are technologically advanced now. I don't even own a cell phone. I want an Iphone with that credit card slider thingy for shows.

Now, what happens with the books you've read on that Kindle? Do they get stored on a hard drive or something?

beadsnbangles said...

They stay right on your e-reader. It holds like 1500 books. If you don't want one anymore you just delete it. The other cool thing is that because our Nooks are on the same account we both get the book when one of us downloads one. It's like 2 for 1.

Kim V said...

You are going to LOVE your iPhone. I've had mine almost 2 years (the same one you bought) Have fun with it! Did you know there is an app for jewelry makers that does conversions and such?

beadsnbangles said...

Oh, cool, Kim. Do you know what it's called. I'll have to get it.

Gaynor Mann said...

I have an MP3 player that I couldnt live without, plus my netbook (same). If I had realized that AT&T had those phones so cheap I would have upgraded! Enjoy your new tech goodies!!!

Kim V said...

"I Make Jewelry" :-) :-)

SToNZ said...'ve got it all!

Can't decide if I need an ereader, but it's tempting. I hear you can even upload library ebooks for free. (which disappear in 3 weeks)
I saw that little phone on a TV show last week and wondered what the heck it was! lol.
Looks cool.
Congrats on coming into the 21st century with a bang!